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Should the police have unlimited powers when dealing with crime?
May 5, 2008, 12:41 pm
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The police should not be given unlimited powers so prevent the occurance of brutality. Human nature is impulsive so naturally we tend to seek the easiest way out. The police being the keepers of the law must adhere to a code of conduct. This is to ensure that they will not seek the most straightforward , which is often the most unethical solution resolve a situation, worse still for their personal gain. This is unless they risk becoming as brutal and immoral as the criminals themselves. Take for example the unthinkable incident in Baltimore where police arrested a seven year old boy, gerard Mungo, handcuffed him and interrogated him on charges of riding a motorized dirtbike on a sidewalk. In an even more unnerving incident, police in cleveland , Ohio killed three people -Aaron steele, Steven Ray and Ira Mitchell in a span of three days, likely in a rush to resolve a crime. From this, it can be seen that without control, the police may become as irrational and brutal as convicts themselves, forgeting their postion in society which is to safeguard the inhabitants. They end up becoming licensed assassins. Hence the police should not be given unlimited powers to avoid triggering one of man’s most primal instinct- Brutality.


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